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Why Pray?

Should You Pray?

God can answer prayers without performing miracles.

Does God Hear Our Prayers?

The Bible assures us that God listens to us when we pray to him in the proper way.


Few Bible subjects elicit so much interest and curiosity. But is prayer really necessary?

Why Pray? Will God Answer Me?

Whether God will answer you when you pray is largely up to you.

How to Pray

How Can You Pray and Be Heard?

Speak to God anywhere and at any time, aloud or silently. Jesus even helped us know what to say.

What Does the Bible Say About Prayer?

Should we pray to angels or saints?

What Can I Pray For?

Find out why personal concerns are not too trivial for God to consider.

Keep Praying for God’s Favor

How can we pray in order to be heard and blessed by God?

Prayers That Are Heard by God

Does God hear all prayers? Does he find all of them acceptable? This article explains.

Why Do Some Prayers Go Unanswered?

Like a loving father, Jehovah God welcomes our prayers. But will God grant our every request?

Why Does God Reject Some Prayers?

Learn what type of prayers God does not answer and what kind of people God does not listen to.

Should We Pray to Jesus?

Jesus himself answers the question.

Why Pray in Jesus’ Name?

Consider how praying in Jesus’ name honors God, and how it shows respect for Jesus.

Should I Pray to Saints?

Learn what the Bible says about whom we should pray to.