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Dating and Courtship

Friendship or Romance?​—Part 1: What Signals Am I Receiving?

Get tips that can help you figure out whether a person is sending romantic signals or just wants to be friends.

Friendship or Romance?​—Part 2: What Signals Am I Sending?

Might your friend conclude that you want more than friendship? Check out these tips.

Is It Love or Infatuation?

Learn the meaning of infatuation and real love.

Is Flirting Harmless Fun?

Exactly what is flirting? Why do some people do it? Are there any dangers?

What Is True Love?

Bible principles can help Christians to choose a good marriage mate as well as to show true love to each other once married.

Am I Ready to Date?

Five points to help you determine if you’re ready for dating and marriage.

What Can I Expect From Marriage?​—Part 1

What kinds of benefits and challenges can you realistically expect from marriage?

What Can I Expect From Marriage?—Part 2

Learn how you can prepare for the unexpected challenges of married life.

Is This Person Right for Me?

How can you look beyond the surface and see who your friend really is?

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Rules About Dating?

Is dating just a form of recreation or something more?

Should We Break Up? (Part 1)

Marriage is a permanent bond. So, if you have second thoughts about the person you’re dating, do not ignore your feelings!

Should We Break Up? (Part 2)

Ending a relationship is never easy. What is the best way to go about it?

When a Courtship Ends

How can you move on with your life after a painful breakup?