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What if My Parents Won’t Let Me Use Social Media?

What if My Parents Won’t Let Me Use Social Media?

 It seems as if all your friends use social media, and they talk about it all the time. Maybe they even make fun of you because you don’t have an account. What should you know about the situation? And what can you do about it?

What you should know

 You are not the only one. Many parents don’t allow their children to use social media. They probably realize that media use has been linked to the following:

  •   depression and other mental health issues.

  •   exposure to pornography, sexting, and cyberbullying.

  •   needless drama between friends.

 Many teens have chosen to stop using social media. On their own, they realized that it was doing them more harm than good. Consider the following real-life examples:

  •   Priscilla found that it was robbing her of time that she could use more productively.

  •   Jeremy didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t control the inappropriate content coming into his social media feed.

  •   Bethany found that it was making her focus too much on what other people were doing.

 “I decided to delete my social media app, and I’m glad that I did. I really don’t miss it, and I enjoy having more time to focus on what is most important to me.”—Sierra.

 “I didn’t like how addicting social media could be and how concerned I sometimes got over how people would react to my posts. It wasn’t easy to delete my account, but I felt immediate relief when I did. I have more peace without it.”—Kate.

What you can do

 Cooperate with your parents’ rules. Show them that you are mature enough to live by their rules without getting angry or complaining.

 Bible principle: “Fools are quick to express their anger, but wise people are patient and control themselves.”—Proverbs 29:11, Easy-to-Read Version.

 Some might advise you to use social media behind your parents’ backs or to set up a secret account. That would be a mistake! A cover-up will make you feel anxious and guilty. It will also get you in trouble if they find out—and it will certainly damage their trust in you.

 Bible principle: “We wish to conduct ourselves honestly in all things.”—Hebrews 13:18.

 Make it your decision. Like the young people quoted above, you may be able to think of many reasons for avoiding social media. If it’s clear that using social media is not the best choice for you, then avoid it not just because it is your parents’ decision but also because you have made it your own decision. That way if your peers ask you about it, you won’t seem embarrassed—and they will be far less likely to make fun of you for it.

 The bottom line: Cooperate with your parents, and find a point of agreement so that their decision is also your decision. At least for now, you can live without social media.