Isaiah 46:1-13

46  Bel bends down,+ Neʹbo stoops over. Their idols are loaded on animals, on beasts of burden,+Like baggage that burdens the weary animals.   They stoop and bend down together;They cannot rescue the loads,*And they themselves* go into captivity.   “Listen to me, O house of Jacob, and all you who remain of the house of Israel,+You whom I have supported from birth and carried from the womb.+   Until you grow old I will be the same;+Until your hair is gray I will keep bearing you. As I have done, I will carry you and bear you and rescue you.+   To whom will you liken me or make me equal or compare me,+So that we should resemble each other?+   There are those who lavish gold from their purse;They weigh out the silver on the scale. They hire a metalworker, and he makes it into a god.+ Then they prostrate themselves, yes, they worship it.*+   They lift it to their shoulders;+They carry it and put it in its place, and it just stands there. It does not move from its place.+ They cry out to it, but it does not answer;It cannot rescue anyone from distress.+   Remember this, and take courage. Take it to heart, you transgressors.   Remember the former* things of long ago,That I am God,* and there is no other. I am God, and there is no one like me.+ 10  From the beginning I foretell the outcome,And from long ago the things that have not yet been done.+ I say, ‘My decision* will stand,+And I will do whatever I please.’+ 11  I am calling a bird of prey from the sunrise,*+From a distant land the man to carry out my decision.*+ I have spoken, and I will bring it about. I have purposed it, and I will also carry it out.+ 12  Listen to me, you who are stubborn* of heart,You who are far away from righteousness. 13  I have brought my righteousness near;It is not far away,And my salvation will not delay.+ I will grant salvation in Zion, my splendor to Israel.”+


That is, the idols loaded on the animals.
Or “their souls.”
Lit., “bow down to it.”
Lit., “first.”
Or “the Divine One.”
Or “purpose; counsel.”
Or “east.”
Or “purpose; counsel.”
Lit., “powerful.”

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