Zephaniah 1:1-18

1  The word of Jehovah that came to Zeph·a·niʹah* son of Cushʹi son of Ged·a·liʹah son of Am·a·riʹah son of Hez·e·kiʹah in the days of Jo·siʹah+ son of Aʹmon+ the king of Judah:   “I will completely sweep away everything from the surface of the ground,” declares Jehovah.+   “I will sweep away man and beast. I will sweep away the birds of the heavens and the fish of the sea,+And the stumbling blocks*+ along with the wicked ones;And I will remove mankind from the surface of the ground,” declares Jehovah.   “I will stretch out my hand against JudahAnd against all the inhabitants of Jerusalem,And I will wipe out from this place every vestige* of Baʹal,+The name of the foreign-god priests along with the priests,+   And those who bow down on the rooftops to the army of the heavens,+And those who bow down and pledge loyalty to Jehovah+While pledging loyalty to Malʹcam;+   And those who turn away from following Jehovah+And who do not seek Jehovah or inquire of him.”+   Be silent before the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, for the day of Jehovah is near.+ Jehovah has prepared a sacrifice; he has sanctified those he invited.   “On the day of Jehovah’s sacrifice I will call to account the princes,The sons of the king,+ and all those wearing foreign clothing.   I will call to account everyone who climbs onto the platform* on that day,Those who fill their master’s house with violence and deception. 10  On that day,” declares Jehovah,“There will be the sound of an outcry from the Fish Gate,+A wailing from the Second Quarter of the city,+And a loud crash from the hills. 11  Wail, you inhabitants of Makʹtesh,*For all the tradesmen* have been done away with;*All those weighing out silver have been destroyed. 12  At that time I will carefully search Jerusalem with lamps,And I will call to account the complacent ones,* who say in their heart,‘Jehovah will not do good, and he will not do bad.’+ 13  Their wealth will be plundered and their houses will be devastated.+ They will build houses, but they will not occupy them;And they will plant vineyards, but they will not drink wine from them.+ 14  The great day of Jehovah is near!+ It is near and it is approaching very quickly!*+ The sound of the day of Jehovah is bitter.+ There a warrior cries out.+ 15  That day is a day of fury,+A day of distress and anguish,+A day of storm and desolation,A day of darkness and gloom,+A day of clouds and thick gloom,+ 16  A day of the horn and of the battle cry,+Against the fortified cities and against the high corner towers.+ 17  I will cause distress to mankind,And they will walk like blind men,+Because it is against Jehovah they have sinned.+ Their blood will be poured out like dust,And their flesh* like the dung.+ 18  Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them in the day of Jehovah’s fury;+For by the fire of his zeal the whole earth will be consumed,+Because he will make an extermination, indeed a terrible one, of all the inhabitants of the earth.”+


Meaning “Jehovah Has Concealed (Treasured Up).”
Evidently, objects or activities connected with idolatry.
Or “trace.”
Or “podium; threshold.” Possibly the platform of the king’s throne.
Lit., “silenced.”
Apparently a section of Jerusalem near the Fish Gate.
Or “merchants.”
Lit., “those congealing on their dregs,” as in a wine vat.
Or “hurrying rapidly!”
Lit., “intestines.”

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