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Principle: “A word spoken at the right time​—how good it is!”​—Prov. 15:23.

What Philip Did

1. Watch the VIDEO, or read Acts 8:30, 31. Then consider the following questions:

  1.    How did Philip start the conversation?

  2.   Why was this a natural way to start the conversation and share a new truth with the man?

What Do We Learn From Philip?

2. If we allow a conversation to develop naturally, it is more likely that the other person will feel at ease and be open to discussing our message.

Imitate Philip

3. Be observant. A person’s facial expressions and body language can reveal a lot. Does the person seem willing to speak with you? You might introduce a Bible truth by simply asking, “Did you know that . . . ?” Avoid forcing a conversation with someone who does not want to talk.

4. Be patient. Do not feel that you must introduce a Bible truth immediately. Wait for the right opportunity so that you can bring it up naturally. Sometimes, this may mean waiting until the next conversation you have with the person.

5. Be adaptable. A conversation may go in an unexpected direction. So be willing to share something that is relevant to the person, even if that means discussing a different Bible truth than the one you had in mind.