Purple Triangles—“Forgotten Victims” of the Nazi Regime

Explore a compelling exhibition that sheds light on the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses during the Nazi regime.


Witness the power of documenting the past and the exhibition’s impact on fostering unbiased opinions.


What has been said about their unwavering faith, their resilience, and the unique initiatives they undertook in the face of totalitarianism?


Their courageous protest against persecution and their unwavering faith characterized their struggle against governmental bans.


From duplicating Watch Tower literature to serving as couriers, Jehovah’s Witnesses displayed unwavering dedication.


Witness their courage as they resisted conforming to Nazi ideology, refused to give the Hitler salute, and stood up for their beliefs.


Despite the harsh conditions, many continued to practice their faith and share their beliefs with fellow inmates, risking their lives to do so.


Details about their convictions, imprisonment, and death.

Death Marches

Stories of Jehovah’s Witnesses who survived the brutal death marches imposed by the SS during World War II.


How the strength of their faith and endurance helped them survive persecution and torture.


A chronicle of the bans, imprisonments, tortures, and executions from 1933 to 1945.

The Cost of Resistance

Despite being banned and facing arrest, Jehovah’s Witnesses refused to give the Hitler salute or to perform military service.