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What Is Real Faith?

What Is Real Faith?

Like money, faith must be real to have value

HAVING real faith is more than just believing that God exists. There are millions of people who believe in God yet deliberately do wicked deeds. Such “faith” is like counterfeit money. It looks real but is actually worthless. What, then, is real faith?

Real faith is based on accurate knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. These inspired writings tell us the truth about God and enable us to get to know him. They reveal his laws, purposes, and teachings. These teachings include:

  • God is one. He has no equal.

  • Jesus is not Almighty God. He is God’s prophet.

  • God condemns idolatry in all its forms.

  • Humans face a coming day of judgment.

  • Countless dead humans will be resurrected to Paradise.

Real faith moves us to do fine works. Such works honor God and also benefit us and others. These fine works include such things as

  • worshipping God.

  • cultivating godly qualities​—especially love.

  • rejecting evil thoughts and desires.

  • maintaining faith in God despite trials.

  • teaching others about God.

Real faith produces good works

How Can You Cultivate Real Faith?

Faith, like a muscle, grows through use

Ask God for help. The prophet Moses prayed to God: “Make me know, please, your ways, that I may know you, in order that I may find favor in your eyes.” * God heard and answered his prayer. Moses became an outstanding example of faith. God will also help you to cultivate real faith.

Make time to study the Holy Scriptures. Inspired Scriptures, including the Torah, the Psalms, and the Gospels, may be found in the Holy Bible, the most widely translated and distributed book in the world. Do you have a copy of these inspired writings?

Apply the counsel of the Holy Writings in your daily life. Faith, like a muscle, grows through use. As you exercise your faith, it too will grow. You will see firsthand that God’s advice works. Indeed, the practical counsel found in the Holy Scriptures has improved countless lives. Read on to consider some examples.