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THE WATCHTOWER No. 2 2017 | Will You Accept God’s Greatest Gift?


What is the greatest gift that God has ever given us?

The Bible says: “God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son.”John 3:16.

This issue of The Watchtower discusses why God sent Jesus to earth to die for us and how we can show appreciation for that gift.



A Gift Unlike Any Other

The Bible describes a gift of incalculable worth, which can bless those who receive it with everlasting life. Could there be a gift of greater value?


God’s Greatest Gift—Why So Precious?

What factors make one gift more valuable than another? Giving thought to such factors can help us deepen our appreciation for the ransom.


How Will You Respond to God’s Greatest Gift?

The love the Christ has compels us to do what?

Is Celibacy a Requirement for Christian Ministers?

Certain religions require celibacy of their religious leaders and clergy. But what do the Scriptures teach on this matter?

Escape From Slavery—Then and Now

In ancient times, God’s people escaped from slavery. Sadly, millions of people still suffer in this unjust condition.

Enjoy the Benefits of Giving

Giving does you and others good. It fosters cooperation and friendship. How can you be a cheerful giver?

What Does the Bible Say?

The Bible says that “the last days” would be “critical times hard to deal with.” Does that description match the period in which we live?

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