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THE WATCHTOWER No. 3 2020 | Lasting Blessings From a Loving God

What blessings has God promised mankind? Can you trust his written Word? The following articles will examine some divine promises, explain why you can believe in them, and reveal how you can be the happy recipient of these promised blessings.


You Can Enjoy Eternal Blessings From a Loving God

Do you long for a better world​—a world in which there is no war, no crime, and no sickness? It is not a dream; it is a promise from God.

Our Loving Creator Cares About Us

Like a loving father, God looks after his family. How?

How the Creator Reveals His Loving Promises

How did God use prophets to write his message for us?

Has God’s Written Word Been Changed?

See what experts have discovered about the Bible we have today.

We Learn About God From His Prophets

Three faithful prophets help us learn about God and how to receive his blessing.

Keep Praying for God’s Favor

How can we pray in order to be heard and blessed by God?

Blessings for Those Who Obey God

Consider two ways that obedience to God results in his blessings.

How to Show Love to Our Fellow Man

It is not always easy to show love for others, but it can be done.

Blessings for Those Who Help Someone in Need

How will our efforts to help someone in need lead to God’s approval and blessing?

Enjoy Our Creator’s Blessings Forever

What will life on earth be like when God fulfills the promise he made to Abraham?

Have You Ever Wondered?

Get answers to questions about life’s problems and God.