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The Lord’s Evening Meal

The Lord’s Evening Meal

(Matthew 26:26-30)

  1. 1. Jehovah, our Father in heaven,

    Oh, this is a most sacred night!

    It was then, long ago, you determined to show

    Your love, justice, wisdom, and might.

    The Passover lamb gave protection,

    And your favored people were freed.

    Cent’ries later our Lord his own lifeblood outpoured

    To fulfill this divine prophecy.

  2. 2. The bread and the wine are reminders,

    How great is the price that you paid.

    And the good that was done

    through the gift of your Son,

    In life and in death he obeyed.

    We gratefully keep this Memorial;

    This night is a time to recall

    How the death of your Son

    paid the ransom that won

    The redemption from death for us all.

  3. 3. We’re gathered together before you.

    At your invitation we’ve come

    To give praise for your love that brought

    Christ from above

    And honor to you and your Son.

    The Lord’s Ev’ning Meal brings you glory

    And strengthens our heart and our mind.

    So we’ll walk ev’ry day as Christ showed us the way,

    And then life everlasting we’ll find.