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Sowing Kingdom Seed

Sowing Kingdom Seed

(Matthew 13:4-8)

  1. 1. Come share in the work of our Master;

    Respond to his call and obey.

    He offers to help and to guide you;

    His teaching will show you the way.

    The seed of the truth has power to grow

    In hearts that are honest and true.

    So give of your best as you faithfully share

    In the work you’ve been given to do.

  2. 2. How much of your work is successful

    May often depend much on you.

    Those hearing will need your assistance

    To learn and to love what is true.

    So help them to deal with pressures and doubts

    They’re certain to face on their way.

    The seed of the truth will bring joy when you see

    How it grows in their heart day by day.

(See also Matt. 13:19-23; 22:37.)