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Jehovah Is Our Refuge

Jehovah Is Our Refuge

(Psalm 91)

  1. 1. Jehovah is our refuge,

    Our God in whom we trust.

    His shadow is our shelter;

    Remain in it we must.

    His faithful ones he will defend,

    On this we know we can depend.

    Jehovah is a stronghold,

    Ever faithful, loyal, and just.

  2. 2. Though thousands will have fallen

    And many at our side,

    The righteous and the meek ones

    Will never be denied.

    So in our hearts we need not fear;

    Calamity will not come near.

    From danger he will shield us,

    For beneath God’s wings we’ll reside.

  3. 3. He’ll keep us and protect us

    From snares along our way,

    From terrors in the nighttime,

    And arrows by the day.

    Yes, there will be no cause for dread,

    No place where we will fear to tread.

    Jehovah is our refuge,

    Ever guarding us on our way.