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Artificial Intelligence—A Blessing or a Curse?—What Does the Bible Say?

Artificial Intelligence—A Blessing or a Curse?—What Does the Bible Say?

 Recently, world leaders, scientists, and technologists have commented on the power of artificial intelligence (AI). While acknowledging its value, they have also expressed concern over its potential misuse.

  •   “AI is one of today’s most powerful technologies, with the potential to improve people’s lives . . . At the same time, AI has the potential to dramatically increase threats to safety and security, infringe civil rights and privacy, and erode public trust and faith in democracy.”—Kamala Harris, vice president of the United States, May 4, 2023.

  •   “While artificial intelligence (AI) offers promising solutions in healthcare, it also poses a number of threats to human health and well-being,” wrote an international group of doctors and health-care experts led by Dr. Frederik Federspiel, in an article published on May 9, 2023, in BMJ Global Health. a

  •   “AI can already be a tool for misinformation. Soon, it could be a risk to jobs. Somewhere down the line, tech’s biggest worriers say, it could be a risk to humanity.”—The New York Times, May 1, 2023.

 Time will tell to what extent AI will be used for good or for bad. What does the Bible say?

Why human efforts create uncertainty

 The Bible shows why humans cannot guarantee that their technological advances will result in being used only for good.

  1.  1. Even when people have good intentions, they may not foresee the negative effects of their actions.

    •   “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”—Proverbs 14:12.

  2.  2. A person has no control over how others will use—or misuse—his work.

    •   “I must leave [my work] behind for the man coming after me.  And who knows whether he will be wise or foolish? Yet he will take control over all the things I spent great effort and wisdom to acquire under the sun.”—Ecclesiastes 2:18, 19.

 Such uncertainty highlights why we need guidance from our Creator.

Where we can put our confidence

 Our Creator promises that he will never allow humans or any technology that humans create to destroy the earth or mankind.

  •   “The earth remains forever.”—Ecclesiastes 1:4.

  •   “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.”—Psalm 37:29.

 Through the Bible, our Creator gives us guidance that will lead to a peaceful and secure future. To learn more about what the Bible says, read the articles “Is There a Reliable Guide to a Secure Future?” and “A Real Hope for a Better Tomorrow.”

a From the article “Threats by Artificial Intelligence to Human Health and Human Existence,” authored by Frederik Federspiel, Ruth Mitchell, Asha Asokan, Carlos Umana, and David McCoy.