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MAY 5, 2023

Book of Matthew Released in Chinese Sign Language

Book of Matthew Released in Chinese Sign Language

On April 23, 2023, The Bible—The Book of Matthew was released in Chinese Sign Language (CSL) during a program held in South Korea. This is the first time a book of the Bible has ever been released in CSL. Nearly 200 individuals from the two CSL congregations in South Korea were present. The sign-language translation is now available for download on and in the JW Library Sign Language app.

The translation team endeavored to render the Bible book in natural and concise language. Regarding this, one translator commented: “Two out of three members of the translation team are deaf, so we often discussed the thought process of deaf people. By having the perspective of deaf individuals, it became easier to translate.”

Another translator commented: “Working on this translation has helped me to clearly understand what Jesus did, what he went through, and what he taught while on earth.”

A deaf publisher who attended the program said: “Before this release, only a few scriptures were available in CSL. It was as if only a few puzzle pieces were in place. Now that the book of Matthew has been released, I’m very excited to see the whole picture.”

“The sign-language publications provided by Jehovah’s organization, and now the release of the book of Matthew in CSL, have made me realize how much Jehovah wants to help the deaf and how much he loves them,” stated another deaf publisher.

We thank Jehovah for this recent translation, which will help our brothers and sisters to continue worshipping God with “spirit and truth.”—John 4:24.