Genesis 10:1-32

10  This is the history of Noah’s sons, Shem,+ Ham, and Jaʹpheth. Sons were born to them after the Flood.+  The sons of Jaʹpheth were Goʹmer,+ Maʹgog,+ Maʹda·i, Jaʹvan, Tuʹbal,+ Meʹshech,+ and Tiʹras.+  The sons of Goʹmer were Ashʹke·naz,+ Riʹphath, and To·garʹmah.+  The sons of Jaʹvan were E·liʹshah,+ Tarʹshish,+ Kitʹtim,+ and Doʹda·nim.  From these the inhabitants of the islands spread into their lands, according to their languages and their families and by their nations.  The sons of Ham were Cush, Mizʹra·im,+ Put,+ and Caʹnaan.+  The sons of Cush were Seʹba,+ Havʹi·lah, Sabʹtah, Raʹa·mah,+ and Sabʹte·ca. The sons of Raʹa·mah were Sheʹba and Deʹdan.  Cush became father to Nimʹrod. He was the first to become a mighty one on the earth.  He became a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. That is why there is a saying: “Just like Nimʹrod, a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.” 10  The beginning of his kingdom was* Baʹbel,+ Eʹrech,+ Acʹcad, and Calʹneh, in the land of Shiʹnar.+ 11  From that land he went into As·syrʹi·a+ and built Ninʹe·veh,+ Re·hoʹboth-Ir, Caʹlah, 12  and Reʹsen, between Ninʹe·veh and Caʹlah: This is the great city.* 13  Mizʹra·im became father to Luʹdim,+ Anʹa·mim, Le·haʹbim, Naph·tuʹhim,+ 14  Path·ruʹsim,+ Cas·luʹhim (from whom the Phi·lisʹtines+ came), and Caphʹto·rim.+ 15  Caʹnaan became father to Siʹdon,+ his firstborn, and Heth,+ 16  as well as the Jebʹu·site,+ the Amʹor·ite,+ the Girʹga·shite, 17  the Hiʹvite,+ the Arkʹite, the Siʹnite, 18  the Arʹvad·ite,+ the Zemʹa·rite, and the Haʹmath·ite.+ Afterward, the families of the Caʹnaan·ites were scattered. 19  So the boundary of the Caʹnaan·ites was from Siʹdon as far as Geʹrar,+ near Gazʹa,+ as far as Sodʹom, Go·morʹrah,+ Adʹmah, and Ze·boiʹim,+ near Laʹsha. 20  These were the sons of Ham according to their families and their languages, by their lands and their nations. 21  Children were also born to Shem, the forefather of all the sons of Eʹber+ and the brother of Jaʹpheth the oldest.* 22  The sons of Shem were Eʹlam,+ Asʹshur,+ Ar·pachʹshad,+ Lud, and Aʹram.+ 23  The sons of Aʹram were Uz, Hul, Geʹther, and Mash. 24  Ar·pachʹshad became father to Sheʹlah,+ and Sheʹlah became father to Eʹber. 25  Two sons were born to Eʹber. The name of the one was Peʹleg,*+ because in his lifetime the earth* was divided. The name of his brother was Jokʹtan.+ 26  Jokʹtan became father to Al·moʹdad, Sheʹleph, Ha·zar·maʹveth, Jeʹrah,+ 27  Ha·doʹram, Uʹzal, Dikʹlah, 28  Oʹbal, A·bimʹa·el, Sheʹba, 29  Oʹphir,+ Havʹi·lah, and Joʹbab; all of these were the sons of Jokʹtan. 30  Their place of dwelling extended from Meʹsha as far as Seʹphar, the mountainous region of the East. 31  These were the sons of Shem according to their families and their languages, by their lands and their nations.+ 32  These were the families of the sons of Noah according to their family lines and by their nations. From these the nations were spread abroad in the earth after the Flood.+


Or “The first cities of his kingdom were.”
Or possibly, “They form the great city.”
Or possibly, “and the older brother of Japheth.”
Meaning “Division.”
Or “earth’s population.”

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