Psalm 11:1-7

To the director. Of David. 11  In Jehovah I have taken refuge.+ So how can you say to me:* “Flee like a bird to your mountain!   See how the wicked bend the bow;They set their arrow on the bowstring,To shoot from the darkness those upright in heart.   When the foundations* are torn down,What can the righteous do?”   Jehovah is in his holy temple.+ Jehovah’s throne is in the heavens.+ His own eyes see, his watchful* eyes examine the sons of men.+   Jehovah examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one;+He* hates anyone who loves violence.+   Upon the wicked, he will rain down snares;*Fire and sulfur+ and a scorching wind will be the portion of their cup.   For Jehovah is righteous;+ he loves righteous acts.+ The upright will see his face.*+


Or “my soul.”
Or “the foundations of justice.”
Or “beaming.”
Or “His soul; His very being.”
Or possibly, “burning coals.”
Or “experience his favor.”

Study Notes