Psalm 2:1-12

2  Why are the nations agitatedAnd the peoples muttering* an empty thing?+   The kings of the earth take their standAnd high officials gather together* as one+Against Jehovah and against his anointed one.*+   They say: “Let us tear off their shacklesAnd throw off their ropes!”   The One enthroned in the heavens will laugh;Jehovah will scoff at them.   At that time he will speak to them in his angerAnd terrify them in his burning anger,   Saying: “I myself have installed my king+On Zion,+ my holy mountain.”   Let me proclaim the decree of Jehovah;He said to me: “You are my son;+Today I have become your father.+   Ask of me, and I will give nations as your inheritanceAnd the ends of the earth as your possession.+   You will break them with an iron scepter,+And you will smash them like a piece of pottery.”+ 10  So now, you kings, show insight;Accept correction,* you judges of the earth. 11  Serve Jehovah with fear,And rejoice with trembling. 12  Honor* the son,+ or God* will become indignantAnd you will perish from the way,+For His anger flares up quickly. Happy are all those taking refuge in Him.


Or “meditating on.”
Or “take counsel together.”
Or “his Christ.”
Or “Be warned.”
Lit., “Kiss.”
Lit., “he.”

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