Psalm 26:1-12

Of David. 26  Judge me, O Jehovah, for I have walked in my integrity;+In Jehovah I have trusted without wavering.+   Examine me, O Jehovah, and put me to the test;Refine my innermost thoughts* and my heart.+   For your loyal love is always in front of me,And I walk in your truth.+   I do not associate* with deceitful men,+And I avoid those who hide what they are.*   I hate the company of evil men,+And I refuse to associate* with the wicked.+   I will wash my hands in innocence,And I will march around your altar, O Jehovah,   To cause the sound of thanksgiving to be heard+And to declare all your wonderful works.   Jehovah, I love the house where you dwell,+The place where your glory resides.+   Do not sweep me* away with sinners+Nor take my life away with violent men,* 10  Whose hands engage in shameful conduct,And whose right hand is full of bribes. 11  But as for me, I will walk in my integrity. Rescue* me and show me favor. 12  My foot is standing on level ground;+In the great congregation,* I will praise Jehovah.+


Or “my deepest emotions.” Lit., “my kidneys.”
Lit., “sit.”
Or “I do not mingle with hypocrites.”
Lit., “sit.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “with men of bloodshed.”
Lit., “Redeem.”
Lit., “In assemblies.”

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