Psalm 64:1-10

To the director. A melody of David. 64  Hear my voice, O God, as I plead.+ Safeguard my life from the dreadfulness of the enemy.   Shield me from the secret plots of wicked men,+From the crowd of wrongdoers.   They sharpen their tongue just like a sword;They aim their cruel words like arrows,   To shoot at the innocent from their hiding places;They shoot at him suddenly, without fear.   They hold fast to their evil intent;*They discuss how to hide their traps. They say: “Who will see them?”+   They search out new ways of wrongdoing;They secretly devise their shrewd strategy;+The thinking within each one’s heart is unfathomable.   But God will shoot at them;+Suddenly they will be wounded by an arrow.   Their own tongue will cause their downfall;+All those looking on will shake their head.   Then all men will become afraid,And they will proclaim what God has done,And they will have insight into his deeds.+ 10  The righteous one will rejoice in Jehovah and take refuge in him;+All the upright in heart will exult.*


Or “They encourage one another to do evil.”
Or “boast.”

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