Psalm 9:1-20

To the director; upon Muth-labʹben.* A melody of David. א [Aleph] 9  I will praise you, O Jehovah, with all my heart;I will tell about all your wonderful works.+   I will rejoice and exult in you;I will sing praises* to your name, O Most High.+ ב [Beth]   When my enemies retreat,+They will stumble and perish from before you.   For you defend my just cause;You sit on your throne judging with righteousness.+ ג [Gimel]   You have rebuked nations+ and destroyed the wicked,Blotting out their name forever and ever.   The enemy has been ruined forever;You uprooted their cities,And all memory of them will perish.+ ה [He]   But Jehovah is enthroned forever;+He has firmly established his throne for justice.+   He will judge the inhabited earth* in righteousness;+He will render righteous legal decisions for the nations.+ ו [Waw]   Jehovah will become a secure refuge* for the oppressed,+A secure refuge in times of distress.+ 10  Those knowing your name will trust in you;+You will never abandon those seeking you, O Jehovah.+ ז [Zayin] 11  Sing praises to Jehovah, who is dwelling in Zion;Make his deeds known among the peoples.+ 12  For the One who avenges their blood remembers them;+He will not forget the cry of the afflicted.+ ח [Heth] 13  Show me favor, O Jehovah; see my affliction by those hating me,You who raise me from the gates of death,+ 14  So that I may declare your praiseworthy deeds in the gates of the daughter of Zion,+And rejoice in your acts of salvation.+ ט [Teth] 15  The nations have sunk down into the pit they made;Their own foot has been caught in the net they hid.+ 16  Jehovah is known by the judgment he executes.+ The wicked one has been ensnared in the work of his own hands.+ Hig·gaʹion.* (Selah) י [Yod] 17  The wicked will retreat toward the Grave,*All the nations who forget God. 18  But the poor will not always be forgotten;+Nor will the hope of the meek ever perish.+ כ [Kaph] 19  Rise up, O Jehovah! Do not let mortal man prevail. May the nations be judged in your presence.+ 20  Strike them with fear, O Jehovah,+Let the nations know that they are only mortal men. (Selah)


Or “make music.”
Or “the productive land.”
Or “secure height.”
Or “Sheol,” that is, the common grave of mankind. See Glossary.

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