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Something New for Manhattan

Something New for Manhattan

In November 2011, a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses began a new initiative to acquaint people in Manhattan with the Bible’s message by means of attractive display tables and carts. This campaign is taking place in the southern part of Manhattan, the busiest and oldest borough of New York City.

They divided the area into four zones. Each zone has several locations where those passing by can stop at a well-arranged table or cart stocked with Bible literature and attended by a local full-time minister. Most displays can be found in or near transportation hubs, through which tens of thousands of people pass each day.

At these locations, people can learn the Bible’s answer to many questions. People who do not wish to linger can pick up a publication to read later.

Literature is available in several languages. If a publication is not available in a desired language, it may be ordered and picked up a few days later.

The public as well as the authorities have welcomed this initiative. One police officer said: “What took you so long? You really have what people need.”

Another man stopped abruptly when he saw the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? He said that he noticed people on the subway reading the book and wondered where they had obtained it. Now he knows.

One young man walked past one of the tables every day for six weeks on his way to work. Finally, he stopped and said, “I need help.” Those manning the table were happy to assist. They gave him a Bible and showed him how to benefit from it.

Enthusiastic passersby have stopped to discuss spiritual matters. In just one recent month, the initiative in Manhattan allowed the public to obtain 3,797 magazines and 7,986 books.