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Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Call On People Who Already Have a Religion?

 We’ve found that many people who already have a religion enjoy discussing Bible topics. Of course, we respect a person’s right to hold a belief different from ours, and we don’t force our message on others.

 When discussing religion, we try to apply the Bible’s advice to do so with a “mild temper” and to show “deep respect” for the other person. (1 Peter 3:15) We expect that some will reject the message we bring. (Matthew 10:14) However, we don’t know how people will respond until we talk to them. We also realize that people’s circumstances change.

 For example, a person may be too busy to talk one day but will gladly converse with us at another time. And people may face new problems or situations that they must deal with, moving them to take an interest in the Bible’s message. So we endeavor to talk to people on more than one occasion.