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A Letter From the Governing Body

A Letter From the Governing Body

To Our Dear Brothers and Sisters:

In its very first issue, January 1, 2008, the public edition of The Watchtower introduced us to a fascinating new series of articles entitled “Imitate Their Faith.” Since then, a new article in that series has been published every three months, much to our delight!

What has been the response to the series? After she finished reading the article on Martha, one reader wrote: “I laughed when I read it because I’m just like her​—always desiring to be a good hostess and to be busy but sometimes forgetful of the need to pause and enjoy association with the friends.” A teenager drew this interesting conclusion from the story of Esther: “I could relate to the fact that we can be obsessed with clothes and the latest fashions. We should be well-groomed; yet, we don’t want to go overboard.” She added: “Jehovah cares about who we are inside.” And an article featuring the apostle Peter elicited this enthusiastic reaction from a Christian sister: “You pulled me lock, stock, and barrel into the account. It came to life! I used my senses to feel what the passages only alluded to.”

These readers​—and countless others who have written to express their appreciation for the series—​confirm what the apostle Paul wrote long ago: “All the things that were written aforetime were written for our instruction.” (Rom. 15:4) Yes, Jehovah had these narratives included in the Bible in order to teach us valuable lessons. All of us, no matter how many years we have known the truth, can learn from them.

We warmly encourage you to read this book as soon as possible. Include it as part of your Family Worship program​—the children will love it! When the congregation studies the material during the Congregation Bible Study, do not miss a single week! Take your time; read it slowly. Use your imagination; get your senses involved. Try to feel what those Bible characters felt, to see what they saw. Compare how they reacted in a given situation with the way you would likely have responded.

It gives us great pleasure to share this publication with you. May it prove to be a blessing to you and your family. With much love and every good wish,

Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses