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Watching the World

Watching the World

Sub-Saharan Africa

“Only 38 percent of children below the age of 5 have a birth certificate,” says a report on sub-Saharan Africa by UNICEF. Yet, in some areas of that part of the world, “birth registration is essential for children to access health care and education, as well as for orphans to inherit from their parents,” stated Elke Wisch, the UNICEF deputy regional director for eastern and southern Africa.


According to one survey, the most common fear of Italian adolescents is cyberbullying. Among 12- to 17-year-olds, 72 percent say they dread it. They make up a higher percentage than those who fear drugs (55 percent), being molested by an adult (44 percent), or contracting a sexually transmitted disease (24 percent).


As reported in The Japan Times, young Japanese adults increasingly pass up promotions in the workplace. Forty percent deplore the lack of ethics and the prevalence of dishonest practices. Many employees feel unable to discuss opinions or talk freely with superiors. Whereas older generations stuck with their employers, 60 percent of young employees now simply hold on to their job while waiting for something better to turn up.


From 1980 to 2010, nearly 800,000 people were killed by firearms in Brazil. Over 450,000 victims were between 15 and 29 years of age. A study of more recent crimes shows that killings are often the result of domestic quarrels, conflicts with neighbors, jealousy, or arguments between drivers.