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Do You Feel Close to God?

Do You Feel Close to God?

“Having a close relationship with God makes you feel secure, complete, and stable. It feels like God is constantly looking out for your best interests.”—CHRISTOPHER, A YOUNG MAN IN GHANA.

“God sees you in all your desolation, giving you more love and attention than you could ever ask for.”—13-YEAR-OLD HANNAH, ALASKA, U.S.A.

“It is the most precious and calming feeling to know that you have a close relationship with God!”—GINA, A JAMAICAN WOMAN IN HER 40’S.

Christopher, Hannah, and Gina are not alone. Many people from all around the world are convinced that God views them as his friends. What about you? Do you feel that you are close to God? Or would you like to be close or closer to him? Perhaps you wonder: ‘Is it really possible for a mere human to have a close relationship with Almighty God? And if so, how?’


According to the Bible, it is possible to have a close personal relationship with God. The Bible states that God called the Hebrew patriarch Abraham “my friend.” (Isaiah 41:8) Note, too, the warm invitation recorded at James 4:8: “Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.” Thus, it is clear that a close relationship—a friendship—with God is possible. But since God is invisible, how can you “draw close” to him and enjoy a good relationship with him?

To answer that question, consider what takes place in the development of a human friendship. It generally starts with two people getting to know each other’s names. Then, as they regularly communicate with each other, sharing thoughts and feelings, their friendship grows. And when they endeavor to do things for each other, their bond of friendship is strengthened. Something similar can be said of developing a close relationship with God. Let us see how this is so.