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Bible-Reading Plans

Bible-Reading Plans

The Bible contains the best wisdom for living. If you read and meditate on it regularly and apply what you learn, “your way will be successful.” (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:​1-3) You will also come to know God and his Son, Jesus, and that knowledge can lead to salvation.​—John 17:3.

In what order should you read the books of the Bible? You have options. This Bible-reading schedule helps you to read the Bible books in the order they appear or to take a topical approach. For example, you can read selected portions to get a historical overview of God’s dealings with ancient Israel. You can read other portions to learn how the first-century Christian congregation started and grew. If you read one set of chapters each day, you will have read the entire Bible in a year.

Whether you are looking for a daily Bible-reading plan, a one-year Bible-reading plan, or a Bible-reading plan for beginners, this schedule will help you. Download this printable Bible-reading plan, and get started today.