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The documentaries below were designed for health-care professionals, social workers, and members of the judiciary. The scientific board and the faculty for the videos are internationally recognized non-Witness clinicians, ethicists, jurists, and educators.


Transfusion-Alternative Strategies​—Simple, Safe, Effective

Increasing concerns about cost, inventory, safety, and adverse outcomes associated with allogeneic blood transfusion have prompted worldwide interest in blood conservation. This award-winning video reviews the clinical strategies for avoiding transfusion in medicine and surgery. (30 minutes)

Transfusion-Alternative Health Care​—Meeting Patient Needs and Rights

This video explores the medical, ethical, economic, and legal issues associated with the use of transfusion-alternative strategies. It describes how bloodless medical and surgical techniques can, in a cost-effective manner, meet the needs of patients while respecting their autonomy and informed choice. (28 minutes)

Interview of Professor Massimo P. Franchi, M.D.

“In my professional career, I thank Jehovah’s Witnesses. They made a traditional doctor like myself consider the possibility and importance of reducing the use of blood.”

Interview of Professor Antonio D. Pinna, M.D.

“I don’t think we can make a differentiation on religious grounds. There are even patients that are not Witnesses that don’t want blood transfusion.”

Interview of Luca P. Weltert, M.D.

“There has been a distinct shift toward less transfusions—and not just in regard to Witness patients, of course, but all over the world—because there is increasing evidence that reduced transfusions means a better outcome.”

Interview of Pia Di Benedetto, M.D.

“With a well-thought-out approach and with targeted strategies, it is possible to perform even major surgeries without transfusing allogeneic blood.”

Interview of Claudio Ronco, M.D.

“We have made blood transfusion an exceptional event.”

Interview of Patrizio Mazza, M.D.

“It is certainly possible to treat tumors such as lymphoma, acute as well as other types of leukemias, and myeloma (a disease that is on the increase in the Western world) without blood transfusions.”

Interview of Alfredo Guglielmi, M.D.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses have led us to be extremely cautious with the use of blood through good patient preparation, careful selection of the patient, careful management in the operating room with all the available blood conservation methods, and management of anemia prior to surgery.”

Five Canadian Teaching Physicians Comment on Advances in Non-Blood Medical Treatment

In a recent interview, five notable medical educators shared their experiences in implementing non-blood medical treatment.