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Highlight Text​—iOS

Highlight Text​—iOS

As you read and study publications in JW Library, you can highlight words or phrases.

Follow these instructions to highlight text:

 Add a New Highlight

There are two ways to highlight a piece of text.

Touch and hold a word to select it. You can use the handles to adjust the selected range. In the context menu that appears, tap the Highlight button then choose a color to highlight the text.

To highlight a word or phrase with a single gesture, touch and hold, then drag. As you drag, the text is highlighted. When you are done, a context menu briefly appears. You can use this menu to change the color of the highlight, or to delete it.

 Change a Highlight

To change the color of a highlight, tap the highlighted text then choose a new color. To remove a highlight, tap the highlighted text then tap the Delete button.

These features were released in November 2015 with JW Library 1.6, which is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. If you don’t see these features, please follow the instructions in the article “Start Using JW Library​—iOS,” under Get the Latest Features.