Helping the Community


Helping the Deaf in the “Emerald of the Equator”

Bible-based education is helping the deaf in Indonesia.


Helping the Deaf in the “Emerald of the Equator”

Bible-based education is helping the deaf in Indonesia.

Comfort and Practical Help for Those Who Are Sick

How do Jehovah’s Witnesses show love for fellow believers who face serious health problems?

Educators in the Philippines See Benefits of JW.ORG

What did over 1,000 teachers and guidance counselors learn about this website?

What Will a Kingdom Hall Do for Your Community?

Learn how neighbors reacted to having a Kingdom Hall in their neighborhood.

Witnesses in Italy Give Their Neighbors a Helping Hand

What kind of help did they need? How did the Witnesses respond?

Jehovah’s Witnesses Help Clean Up a Forest Near Lviv

Why would they contribute to the community in this way?

Bringing Hope and Comfort to the Elderly

Jehovah’s Witnesses visit residents of aged-care facilities in Australia.

A Campaign That Saved Lives

Why did Jehovah’s Witnesses organize a special two-month preaching campaign in the Mexican state of Tabasco? What results did it achieve?

A Reassuring Presence at the Tour de France

At intermediate stages of the Tour de France, Jehovah’s Witnesses set up mobile literature carts to bring a message of hope and comfort to people.

Helping Refugees in Central Europe

Refugees need more than physical assistance. Witness volunteers provide comfort and hope by sharing consoling thoughts from the Bible.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Help to Beautify Rostov-on-Don

The city of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, issued a letter of gratitude to Jehovah’s Witnesses for their participation in the springtime beautification of the city.

Youths Helped to Deal With Bullying at School

Hugo, aged ten, received a Diana Award for helping others to deal with bullying. How did this young man become an anti-bullying ambassador?

Helping Schoolchildren Succeed in Thailand

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Thailand conducted a special campaign to help students succeed in school. What did school administrators, teachers, and parents say?

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hungary Commended for Flood Relief Efforts

The Danube river reached its highest level ever in Hungary. Jehovah’s Witnesses took part in flood-prevention activities organized by local authorities.

Off-Duty Firefighter Saves Lives

Fire brigade member Serge Gerardin, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in France, responds quickly to an accident and helps saves lives.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Honored for Helping Detainees

What outstanding service did nine Jehovah’s Witnesses provide to detainees at Australia’s largest immigration detention center?

JW.ORG​—Changing Lives for the Better

People from all walks of life tell how specific Bible-based advice on is helping them live a better life.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Educate Parents and Children to Protect Against Sexual Predators

For decades, Jehovah’s Witnesses have published and distributed practical information that promotes healthy family relationships.

Conquering Prejudice Through Bible Education

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that all races are equal in the sight of God.

Philippines Typhoon​—Faith Conquers Adversity

Survivors describe what happened when Super Typhoon Haiyan struck.

Alberta Flooding

How did Jehovah’s Witnesses provide relief for flood victims in Alberta, Canada?

The Bible Stories Book Goes to School

My Book of Bible Stories is helping thousands of schoolchildren in the Philippines, whose mother tongue is Pangasinan. How?

A Suicide Prevented at the Sky Tower

An 80-year-old Witness of Jehovah convinced a man not to jump from the Sky Tower in New Zealand.

From Prison to Prosperity

Donald, a former prisoner, explains how a study of the Bible has helped him come to know God, make changes in his life, and become a better husband.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Receive an Award for Protecting the Environment

The printing facilities operated by Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico received the Clean Enterprise certificate for the seventh year in a row.

Transforming Lives, One Prisoner at a Time

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Spain study the Bible with some 600 inmates. Learn how this Bible education work changed one inmate’s life for the better.

Helping Prisoners

See how Bible truth is softening the hearts of people in prison and affecting their lives for the better.

When Disaster Strikes, Love Moves Us to Action

In dozens of countries, Jehovah’s Witnesses provide assistance in times of need.

“You Are Truly an Example!”

After a devastating flood and landslide in Italy, volunteer relief workers cleared mud and debris.

Saved From Suicide

Real life stories from around the world give comfort and hope.

Hurricane Sandy Relief​—Love in Action

Watch the report of how Jehovah’s Witnesses cared for fellow worshippers and other victims in the wake of a devastating storm.

Thousands Learn to Read and Write

Read experiences of people from around the world who have benefited from the literacy classes organized by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Provide Spiritual Help for Prisoners

How are Jehovah’s Witnesses reaching out to those in correctional institutions who are seeking spiritual help?