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Christian Dedication

Christian Dedication

(Hebrews 10:7, 9)

  1. 1. Because Jehovah created

    The universe so grand,

    To him belong the earth and sky,

    The works of his own hand.

    The breath of life he has given

    And to his creatures shown

    That worthy is he to have the praise,

    The worship of all his own.

  2. 2. In water Jesus was baptized

    To righteousness fulfill.

    In solemn prayer he said to God:

    ‘I’ve come to do your will.’

    When he came up from the Jordan

    As God’s anointed Son,

    Obedient and loyal he would pray:

    ‘My Father, your will be done.’

  3. 3. We come before you, Jehovah,

    To praise your name so great.

    Disowning self, with humble hearts,

    Our lives we dedicate.

    You gave your only begotten,

    Who paid the price so high.

    No longer as living for ourselves,

    For you we will live or die.