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Save Space on Your Device

Save Space on Your Device

Use these features in the app to save space on your device and make the most of a device with limited storage.

 Select a video resolution

When you download a video, you first select a video resolution. Choose a resolution with a lower number to save space on your device. If you have already downloaded a video at a higher resolution, you can delete it and download it again at a lower resolution.

Tip: On small screens, such as those used on phones, a lower resolution such as 360p usually looks good. On a desktop computer or TV, a higher resolution such as 720p is better.

 Stream videos

If space on your device is limited, try streaming videos instead of downloading them. Your device must be connected to the Internet to stream videos.

  • Tap anywhere on a video to stream it.

  • If you will need to watch the video later when you do not have an Internet connection, tap the Download button. If you are in the Bible tab, touch and hold (or right-click) the chapter to see the list of video resolutions.

 Delete downloaded videos

After some time, you may have videos on your device that you no longer use regularly. Follow these steps to find and delete videos you no longer need:

  1. Go to the Publications tab or the Media tab, and then tap Downloaded.

  2. Tap the Sort By button and choose an option. The Largest Size option shows the largest videos at the top of the page. The Rarely Used option shows the least-watched videos at the top of the page.

  3. To delete a video, tap the More button and then tap Delete.

 Download videos to a different location

Some devices allow you to conserve space on your device’s internal storage by saving videos to an SD card or an additional hard drive.

  1. Go to the Settings tab.

  2. Tap Download videos to.

  3. Select your preferred download location.

From now on, any videos you download will be saved to the new location. Videos you have already downloaded will not be moved.

On Windows devices, internal hard drives may not be included in the list of options. If your preferred download location is not in the list, follow these steps:

  1. Open File Explorer and select the View tab in the ribbon.

  2. Click Navigation Pane, and then make sure that Show Libraries is checked.

  3. Expand Libraries in the folder list, right-click Videos, and then click Properties.

  4. Add your preferred download location to the Library Locations list.