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Use Playlists

Use Playlists

Use playlists to collect videos together for use at meetings, in your personal study, or in the ministry.

 Add videos to a playlist

  1. Open a video, and then tap the Add to Playlist button.

  2. Select the markers you would like to add. A marker is a specific part of a video, such as a single verse in the Bible.

  3. Tap the Done button.

  4. Choose an existing playlist, or tap Create a Playlist and enter a name for the new playlist.

NOTE: To add an entire video to a playlist, tap the More button on the video, and then tap Add to Playlist.

 Trim a video

Use the Trim feature to select a portion of a video in a playlist. When you play the playlist, only the trimmed portion of the video will be played.

  1. Open a video from a playlist.

  2. Tap the Trim button.

  3. Drag the left and right handles to trim the video.

  4. Tap the Play button to preview the trimmed video.

  5. Tap the Done button to save your changes.

NOTE: Trimmed videos are indicated by an orange bar under the thumbnail.

 Customize a playlist


To rename a playlist, tap the Rename button.

To rename a video in a playlist, tap the More button on the video, and then tap Rename to change its name. Note that the video is renamed only in the selected playlist.


Move an item in the playlist by touching and holding the item while dragging it to a new location.


If you add several markers that are next to each other in a video (for example, consecutive verses in a Bible chapter), they are grouped together as one item in the playlist. To create a separate item in the playlist for each marker, tap the More button and select Ungroup.

End Actions

You can specify an end action for each video in a playlist. When you play a video as part of the playlist, the video’s end action determines which of the following will happen when the video finishes playing:

  • Continue: Play the next video.

  • Stop: Return to the playlist.

  • Freeze: Pause on the last frame of the video.

  • Repeat: Play the same video again. (Loop)