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Is the Bible’s Guidance Still Relevant?

Why would anyone use such an ancient guide in today’s modern, high-tech world?


Photosynthesis​—Was It Designed?

What is photosynthesis, and what does it do for us?

Keep Hope Alive

The Bible can show you how.


The First Complete Bible Books in German Sign Language

How have the Gospels of Matthew and John helped deaf people in Germany?


Can the Bible Help Me to Have a Happy Family?

Wise advice from the Bible has already helped millions of men and women to have happiness at home.

World Peace—Why So Elusive?

Human efforts to bring world peace have failed. Consider several reasons.

How to Control Worry in a Time of Crisis

Find out what you can do to avoid excessive worry.

Successful Families​—Communication

Three key steps can help you to draw closer to your children.

“Exercise Patience”! Conventions Begin This Weekend

Conventions will be held worldwide. We warmly invite you to attend one near you.


Is a Fair Economic System Possible?

Will there ever be a time when all people have what they need?


Good Mental Health

The Bible’s advice can help. Find out how in this issue of The Watchtower.


Shocking Gun Violence Worldwide

Updated: April 27, 2023


What Is God’s Kingdom?

The Bible’s answer could change your entire outlook.


Who Will Save the Earth?

Find out what must change and how the change will come about.


How Can the Bible Help You?

Find out with our free interactive Bible study program.


A Worldwide Mental Health Crisis

Where can you find help?


Finding Real Happiness

This issue of Awake! discusses how the Bible’s wise advice can help you.


What Does the Bible Say About Easter?

Learn the origins of five Easter holiday customs.