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The Complete New World Translation of the Bible Is Available in ASL

See the work that went into this landmark sign-language Bible and the reaction of deaf people to it.

Can the Environment Be Saved?

Find out what God’s Kingdom will do.


World Peace—Why So Elusive?

Human efforts to bring world peace have failed. Consider several reasons.

The Grunion’s Spawning Technique​—Was It Designed?

Find out how the timing and manner that it lays its eggs aids in its survival.

Devastating Floods—What Does the Bible Say?

Learn what unprecedented floods occurring worldwide indicate about our time.

Great Earthquakes—What Did the Bible Prophesy?

Consider a few examples of significant earthquakes in recent years and how Bible prophecy alerts us to what will take place in the near future.

What Is the Will of God for My Life?

Do you need a special sign or calling to know God’s will? Find out the Bible’s answer.

Who Can Provide Good Health Care?

Find out what God’s Kingdom will do.


Will We Ever Feel Safe and Secure?

Many feel that governments fail to protect all their citizens. The Bible promises a realistic solution.


Will War Ever End?

God’s Kingdom promises true peace and security.


Prejudice​—Are You Infected?

What are some telltale signs that we might be prejudiced?

World Hunger

What does the Bible say about food shortages? Will they ever end?


A Vegan Lifestyle—What Does the Bible Say?

Learn whether adopting a vegan lifestyle is the way to a better future for the planet.

How Does God Feel About Your Suffering?

These Bible verses can help you understand how God feels about suffering.

Lasting Blessings From a Loving God

Find out what they are, why you can believe in them, and how you can benefit from them.

Disease—How to Reduce the Risk

Emerging and re-emerging diseases can be a serious threat to your health. What is your best defense?

Summer 2023 Global Heat Wave

What does the Bible say?


Conspiracy Theories

Why are they so dangerous, and how can you protect yourself from them?