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How to Conduct Bible Studies Using Enjoy Life Forever!

How to Conduct Bible Studies Using Enjoy Life Forever!

Much prayerful thought and research went into producing Enjoy Life Forever! To take full advantage of this publication, use the following approach when conducting Bible studies.

Before the study

  1. 1. Prepare thoroughly. As you do, think about the needs, circumstances, and viewpoint of your student. Try to anticipate points that he may especially need help to understand or apply. Consider how the material in the “Explore” section might help your student, and be ready to use it, as needed, during the study.

During the study

  1. 2. Open and close with prayer, unless the student objects.

  2. 3. Be careful not to talk too much. Focus on the material provided, and let the student express himself.

  3. 4. When starting a main section, read the focus line for that section and highlight a few of the lesson titles.

  4. 5. When finishing a main section, use the section review to help your student remember the truths that he has learned.

  5. 6. As you study each lesson with your student:

    1. Read the text.

    2. Read all scriptures marked “Read.”

    3. Read other cited scriptures as needed.

    4. Play all videos marked “Play” (if available to you).

    5. Ask the student each question.

    6. Draw attention to the artwork in the “Dig Deeper” section, and ask the student to comment on it.

    7. Use the “Goal” box to help your student track his spiritual progress. You may encourage him to use the sample goal, to set other goals, or both.

    8. Ask your student if he especially enjoyed one of the articles or videos in the “Explore” section when he prepared the lesson.

    9. Try to cover each lesson in one session.

After the study

  1. 7. Keep thinking about your student. Pray for Jehovah to bless your student’s progress and to give you the wisdom to know how to help him.