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Principle: “They continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news.”​—Acts 5:42.

What Paul Did

1. Watch the VIDEO, or read Acts 19:8-10. Then consider the following questions:

  1.    Rather than giving up when some opposed him, how did Paul persevere in helping those who showed interest?

  2.   How often did Paul go back to teach these interested ones, and for how long did he do so?

What Do We Learn From Paul?

2. We need to invest time and effort to make effective return visits and to start Bible studies.

Imitate Paul

3. Adapt your schedule to the other person’s. Ask yourself: ‘When would I be most likely to contact him? When and where would he be most likely to converse with me?’ Be willing to follow up, even if the time is inconvenient for you.

4. Make an appointment. At the end of each conversation, try to confirm a specific time when you can speak with the person again. Be sure to keep the appointment.

5. Remain hopeful. Do not quickly assume that a person who is rarely at home or is often busy is not interested. (1 Cor. 13:4, 7) Instead, balance perseverance with making wise use of your time.​—1 Cor. 9:26.