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How Can We Best Prepare for the Meetings?

How Can We Best Prepare for the Meetings?



If you are studying the Bible with one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you likely try to review the material in advance of each study. For the greatest benefit, it is good to do the same before attending a congregation meeting. The best results are achieved when we establish a good routine.

Determine when and where to study. When can you concentrate the best? Is it in the early morning before starting your day’s work or later in the evening after the children have gone to bed? Even if you cannot study for long periods, decide how much time you can set aside, and try not to let anything interfere. Seek out a quiet place, and remove all distractions by turning off the radio, television, and cell phone. Praying before you study will help to relieve the anxious cares of the day so that you can concentrate on God’s Word.​—Philippians 4:6, 7.

Mark the material, and prepare to participate. Begin by getting an overall idea of the subject. Think about the title of the article or chapter, consider how each subheading relates to that theme, and examine any pictures and the review questions that highlight the main points. Then read each paragraph, and look for the answer to the printed question. Look up and read the scriptures that are cited, and think of how they support the material. (Acts 17:11) When you can answer the question, underline or highlight a few key words or phrases in the paragraph that will bring the answer back to your mind. Then, at the meeting, you can raise your hand if you wish and make a brief comment in your own words.

By examining the different subjects that are discussed each week at the meetings, you will add new thoughts to your “treasure store” of Bible knowledge.​—Matthew 13:51, 52.

  • What routine could you establish to prepare for the meetings?

  • How can you prepare yourself to make a comment at the meeting?