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What Are Our Meetings Like?

What Are Our Meetings Like?

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Early Christian meetings consisted mainly of songs, prayers, and the reading and discussing of the Scriptures​—all free of any ritual. (1 Corinthians 14:26) You can expect something very similar at our meetings.

The instruction is Bible-based and practical. On the weekend, each congregation meets to hear a 30-minute Bible discourse on how the Scriptures relate to our lives and to the times we live in. All of us are encouraged to follow along in our own Bible. After the discourse, there is a one-hour “Watchtower” Study, in which members of the congregation are welcome to participate in a discussion of an article from the study edition of The Watchtower. This discussion helps us to apply the Bible’s guidance in our lives. The same material is studied in every one of our more than 110,000 congregations earth wide.

We are helped to improve our teaching skills. We also meet together on a midweek evening for a three-part program entitled Our Christian Life and Ministry, based on material provided in a monthly Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook. The first part of this meeting, Treasures From God’s Word, helps us to become familiar with a portion of the Bible that the congregation has read in advance. Next, Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry includes demonstrations of how to discuss the Bible with others. A counselor makes observations that help us improve our reading and speaking skills. (1 Timothy 4:13) The last part, Living as Christians, considers the practical application of Bible principles in day-to-day life. This includes a question-and-answer discussion that deepens our understanding of the Bible.

When you attend our meetings, you will no doubt be impressed by the quality of Bible education that you are receiving.​—Isaiah 54:13.

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