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What Sort of People Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

What Sort of People Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?





How many of Jehovah’s Witnesses do you know? Some of us may be your neighbors, work colleagues, or classmates. Or we may have engaged you in Bible discussions. Who really are we, and why do we publicly share our beliefs?

We are ordinary people. We come from various backgrounds and social conditions. Some of us formerly practiced a different religion, while others did not believe in God. Before becoming Witnesses, however, all of us took the time to examine carefully the teachings of the Bible. (Acts 17:11) We agreed with what we learned, and then we made a personal choice to worship Jehovah God.

We benefit from studying the Bible. Like everyone else, we have to deal with problems and our own weaknesses. But by trying to apply Bible principles in our everyday lives, we have experienced a marked improvement in our quality of life. (Psalm 128:1, 2) That is one reason why we share with others the good things that we have learned from the Bible.

We live by godly values. These values, as taught in the Bible, promote well-being and respect for others, along with such qualities as honesty and kindness. They contribute to the development of healthy and productive members of society, and they encourage family unity and morality. Convinced that “God is not partial,” we belong to a spiritual brotherhood that is truly international, free of racial and political barriers. Although we are ordinary, we make up a unique people.​—Acts 4:13; 10:34, 35.

  • What do Jehovah’s Witnesses have in common with other people?

  • What values have the Witnesses learned from studying the Bible?