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How Can the Kingdom Hall Library Benefit Us?

How Can the Kingdom Hall Library Benefit Us?


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Would you like to do some research to increase your knowledge of the Bible? Are you curious about a particular scripture or a person, place, or thing mentioned in the Bible? Or have you wondered whether God’s Word can help you with a personal concern that you have? Then visit the Kingdom Hall library.

It provides helpful research tools. Likely, you do not possess all the Bible-based publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses that are available in your language. But the library at the Kingdom Hall contains most of the recent publications. It may also have a variety of Bible translations, a good dictionary, and other helpful reference works. You are free to use the library before and after meetings. If a computer is installed, it may have Watchtower Library on it. This is an electronic program that contains a large collection of our publications and an easy-to-use search feature with which you can look up a subject, a word, or a scripture.

It is useful for students in the Life and Ministry Meeting. You may be able to make good use of the Kingdom Hall library when preparing your assignments. The Life and Ministry Meeting overseer is in charge of the library. He is responsible for making sure that the latest publications are there and that they are well-arranged. He or your Bible teacher can show you how to find the information that you need. However, no books should be taken out of the Kingdom Hall. And, of course, we want to handle the books carefully and not make any marks in them.

The Bible explains that to “find the knowledge of God,” we must be willing to search for it “as for hidden treasures.” (Proverbs 2:1-5) The Kingdom Hall library can help you to start your search.

  • What research tools are available in the Kingdom Hall library?

  • Who can help you to make the best use of the library?