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What Is the Role of the Ministerial Servants?

What Is the Role of the Ministerial Servants?


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The Bible describes two groups of Christian men who care for congregation responsibilities​—“overseers and ministerial servants.” (Philippians 1:1) Generally, there are a number of such brothers serving in each congregation. What work do the ministerial servants perform for our benefit?

They assist the body of elders. The ministerial servants are spiritually-minded, reliable, and conscientious men, some younger, others older. They care for the important but often routine organizational and physical tasks that must be handled in the congregation. This allows the elders to focus on teaching and shepherding responsibilities.

They render practical services. Some ministerial servants are assigned as attendants to welcome all who arrive at the meetings. Others may handle the sound equipment, the distribution of literature, the congregation accounts, and the assigning of witnessing territory to members of the congregation. They also assist in maintenance of the Kingdom Hall. Elders may ask them to provide help for elderly ones. Whatever responsibilities ministerial servants are given, their willingness to carry these out earns them the respect of all.​—1 Timothy 3:13.

They set a good example as Christian men. Ministerial servants are chosen for their fine spiritual qualities. When they handle parts on the meetings, they strengthen our faith. By taking a lead in the preaching activity, they stimulate our zeal. Because of their cooperative spirit, they promote joy and unity. (Ephesians 4:16) In time, they too may qualify to serve as elders.

  • What sort of men are the ministerial servants?

  • How do the servants help the congregation to function smoothly?